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Hunger Games

October 3, 7-10pm

Crimson and Gold Ballroom/Oval (Observers)
Main Campus (Participants) 

For the first time in Student Government History we are hosting a campus wide Hunger Games battle to help raise money and awareness about hunger around the world.  All money fundraised from this event will go towards sponsoring our first annual Food Packaging event which will take place on October 14th and is worth (1) Sweeps point for Homecoming. Donations will be accepted at the Food Packaging Event.

How to Participate

Each organization is required to raise funds in order to be eligible to participate.

         - There will be prizes for:

                            Last Man Standing
                            Organization that raises the most money

                            Coolest Elimination

**In order to receive (1) homecoming point each organization is required to raise a minimum of $75 to the food packaging event, Stop Hunger Now. This is replacing SGA’s canned food drive that previously took place on the night of Yell Like Hell.

What is it?

The Hunger Games is going to be a real life, safe, and controlled reenactment of the Hunger Games movie.  Depending on the amount of organizations that fundraise, there will be anywhere from 10-50 contestants (max of 3 per organization) who will be randomly selected from a drawing between 3-5pm at the Fall Festival which will be taking place on the same day at Lindburg Plaza.

How does it work?

After the drawing, contestants will have two to four hours to mentally prepare and meet back at the Oval at 6:30pm where the rules and boundaries will be fully explained. Starting at 7pm sharp the games shall begin.  All boundaries will be visibly marked, and observers are encouraged to watch the event in the Oval and the Crimson and Gold Ballroom where activities and entertainment will be provided.

Please Note:

Fundraising starts September 3rd and it due to the SGA Office by 4:30 on October 1st. When submitting funds please give a break down of which members raise what. This will allow us to accurately fill our finish bowls. For every $10 that a person raises their name will be entered into the drawing once. Also DO NOT bring your own “weapons.” Any contestant found to have their own “weapon” will be disqualified on the spot and that organization will not be able to submit a replacement.

Any questions please contact Elle Walker at or Alex Horvath at

May the odds be ever in your favor!