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What is it?

Each year at Commemoration (Apple) Day in March, SGA recognizes three outstanding instructors with the Distinguished Faculty Award.  This award is based on excellence in instruction and service to students on campus. Three faculty members are selected from student selected nominees. Student Government encourages students and organizations to take advantage of this opportunity to have their professors recognized for the hard work and superior classroom skills.  Our students succeed because our instructors care.

How it Works

Each February students nominate instructors.  Any student may nominate one (1) faculty member or any registered student organization may nominate two (2) faculty members by completing the nomination form.  The nominations are submitted to a committee led by the Academic Affairs Director.  This committee then selects and notifies the three finalists, who receive medallions at Convocation.

Past Winners

2015 - Philip McNew, Jeff PoePhillip Harries

2014 - Darren Botello-Samson, Cynthia Huffman(Woodburn)*2, Donald Baack

2013 - Tatiana Sildus, Aesha JohnTroy Comeau

2012 - Craig Fuchs*(2), Paul McCallumGrant Moss

2011 - Virginia Rider, Janice L. Jewett*(2), Scott Gorman

2010 - Cynthia Woodburn, Ron Downing, Bob Schroer

2009 - Christine Fogliasso*(7), Mark Johnson*(3), Mark Peterson*(5)

2008 - James McAfee, Barbara McClaskey*(2), Daniel Zurek*(2)

2007 - Brenda Letender, Mark Peterson*(4), Tysha Potter*(3)

2006 - Julie Allison*(2), Rebecca Groves Brannock*(2), Russell Rosmait*(2)

2005 - Daniel Ferguson, David P. Hurford*(3), *Barbara McClaskey

2004 - Mark Johnson*(2), Tysha Potter*(2), Robert “Bob” Susnik

2003 - Kevin Bracker, Mark Peterson*(3), Irene Zegar

2002 - Julie Allison, Kurt Reding, Daniel Zurek*

2001 - Nancy Durbin, Craig Fuchs, Gary Wilson

2000 - Rebecca Groves Brannock, Christine Fogliasso*(6), Tysha Potter

1999 - John Daley, Susan Merchant*(2), Mark Peterson*(2)

1998 - Christine Fogliasso*(5), David P. Hurford*(2), Alice Sagehorn*(2)

1997 - Ellen Carson, Mark Peterson, Marjorie Schnick

1996 - E. Sutton Flynt, Janice L. Jewett, Alice Sagehorn

1995 - Mark Johnson, Susan Merchant, David W. O’Bryan*(2)

1994 - Christine Fogliasso*(4), David P. Hurford, Russell Rosmait

1993 - Stephen Hoyer*(2), Linda Jones McCoy, David W. O’Bryan

1992 - Christine Fogliasso*(3), Bert Patrick, C. David Rowlette

1991 - James AuBuchon, Charles Fischer, Mary Kay Wachter

1990 - Christine Fogliasso*(2), Steven Hoyer, Joseph Arruda

1989 - Glen McLaren, Paul Santulli, Donald Viney

1988 - Ralph Kelting, Wilmer Huffman, Rathindra Bose

1987 - Jerry Stockard, Nick Henry, Leland Keller

1986 - Christine Fogliasso, Ronald Wood, Richard Weathers

*Previous winner