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Proposed Constitutional Change

To view the proposed new constitution in full, please click here.

SGA Constitution


WE, the students of Pittsburg State University, in order to initiate and coordinate student activities; to promote the opportunity to develop individual leadership qualities and an understanding of group action; to supplement and complement formal education on the Pittsburg State University campus; to fairly represent student interest, needs, and welfare with the University community; to recognize, represent, and support the diversity of needs and views of students at the University; to provide for the expression of student opinion and interest to the community at large on issues affecting student life; to provide a physical and social environment in which to achieve the about objective in accordance with the education and cultural standards of the University; to promote the general education welfare and to enhance the Academic benefits offered by the State of Kansas do hereby establish and obtain this Constitution of the Student Government Association.

For the full version please download a copy from the link below.

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