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Vice President


Kolleen Gladden



Major:  Technical and Professional Writing/Graphic Communications

Minor:  Innovation Engineering and Illustration

Campus Activities: 

  • Gamma Alpha Lambda (founder and former president/current Vice President of Membership)
  • Honors College
  • Cross Country/Track and Field
  • Advancement Ambassadors
  • Choir
  • Student Ambassador
  • Crimson Club 


  • Rafting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Trying to keep the President from doing anything stupid
  • Needlepoint

People in SGA might try to tell you that my job is to oversee the senate and preside over meetings.

What I really do is quite simple, yet noble. It is my duty, nay, my sole mission to personally contribute to the success of hopeful senators, just trying to find their place in this crazy, crazy world. Together, we can learn Robert's Rules of Order and trample the patriarchy. Join us. We have buttons.