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Legislative Affairs Director 

Courtney Blankenship



The Legislative Affairs Director oversees a committee, which is charged with identifying and taking action on pertinent issues within the state and national legislatures, maintaining and enforcing the Student Government Association Constitution and providing the link between the SGA Cabinet and Senate. She is the person SGA checks with to verify they are following all the correct policies and procedures. She also travels each month with the SGA President to Topeka to attend Kansas Board of Regents meetings, where they sit on a committee with the Kansas Board of Regents. This committee discusses and promotes the best interests of the 6 Regents schools in Kansas.

Unlike, the other Cabinet members, the Legislative Affairs Director is unique because she is elected by the Senate. She then serves as one of only two cabinet members with votes in the Senate. Additionally, she is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and third in the line of succession.

The Legislative Affairs Committee oversees: Letter Writing Campaigns, and Higher Ed Day.