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Where can my organization find its account information?

  • Usually your advisor should have that information on record.  
  • On-campus - If you have recently switched advisors or he/she doesn't know the information, you can find out account information through the Business Office.  They will probably ask to speak to your advisor to verify who has information access and to protect account security.
  • Off-campus - Allocations does not reimburse off-campus accounts. All registered student organizations must have an on-campus account to participate in Allocations.

What does my organization need to bring to the Finance Committee Interview?

  • Your Allocations need.  Please make sure you clearly state how much your organization is seeking in Allocations and what they plan on doing with those funds.
  • Handouts with notes from your presentation usually make the interviews go more smoothly and provide a helpful place for committee members to jot down notes without getting them shuffled in with other organizations' notes.
  • Financial breakdowns can also be a great asset as it allows the committee to see where your organization is acquiring additional funding besides Allocations, and gives a clear outline of exactly what you want the funding for.
  • Charts, Power Points and/or other visual aids are also a nice addition, but not necessary.
  • Remember, these interviews only last about 10 minutes and the committee will probably have questions so please be well prepared and to the point.

How much of our Allocations request is my organization really going to receive?

  • This number is effected by the amount of Allocations that are requested.  The more organizations that request funding, the further the dollars have to stretch.
  • It also depends on the amount of funding in the Allocations account.  While there is never less than $30,000 a semester, this number can be higher if organizations failed to claim all their funds a previous semester.  Unclaimed funds roll back into the Allocations account, and are added to the amount to be awarded out the following semester.

What forms does my organization need to turn in to receive Allocations reimbursement?

  • This will vary depending on what receipts you are using to claim reimbursement.
  • These forms are on this website on the left-hand side under Allocations--Forms and Resources.
  • Events (non-speaker/entertainer) - You will need an Appendix D, a copy of some form of publicity used to promote the event, and the original receipts your organization would like to claim.
  • Events (speaker/entertainer) - You will need an Appendix D, copies of publicity, a Consultant Agreement Form, and the original receipts your organization would like to claim.
  • Travel - You will need an Appendix B, copies of an itinerary, an Appendix C, and the original receipts your organization would like to claim.

Ask the Treasurer

If you have any questions about the Allocation Process that were not covered by the above FAQ, the video, or the handbook, please contact Treasurer Kourtney Endicott by any of the following means:


Stop by the SGA office in the Student Center. Leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.