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Fall 2017 Allocations Amounts

Organization Name Allocated Amount
Alpha Sigma Alpha $721.85
American Concrete Insitute $940.55
Association of General Contractors $888.45
Baseball Club $928.67
Biology Club $713.71
Black Student Association $688.66
Campus Christians $731.48
Campus Democrats $105.67
Chemistry Club $824.29
Chi Omicron Rho $667.25
Chinese Student Association $500.80
Circle K $833.18
Combat Robotics $548.10
Cross Quest $647.66
CRU $45.40
Early Childhood Student Organization $784.58
ENACTUS $907.58
Gamma Alpha Lambda $890.66
Gorillahead Rugby $624.54
Gorilla Ultimate Frisbee $579.53
Hispanics of Today $598.15
Honors College Association $886.70
Indian Student Association $944.19
International Student Association $444.26
Korean Student Association $623.04
Lambda Pi Eta $730.62
Marketing Association $347.55
Mechanical Contractors Association $529.15
NASA Rover 2 $745.34
Native American Student Association $663.72
Natural Ties $134.93
Newman Club $895.70
Outdoor Activties Club $680.52
Panhellinic Council $565.87
Phi Sigma Kappa $745.08
Pi Kappa Alpha $679.02
Pittsburg State Fishing Club $584.50
Pittsburg State Rifle and Pistol Shooting Club $807.16
Pitt State Lacrosse $724.84
Pitt State Rock Climbing Club $742.93
Pre-Medical Club $327.05
PSU Horror Club $659.70
PSU Dance Club $562.02
PSU FC (Soccer Club) $360.33
PSU Finance Club $796.89
PSU TEECA $842.60
Public Relations and Advertising $877.82
ROTC $1,008.42
Sigma Chi $653.01
Sigma Phi Epsilon $654.51
Students for Sustainability $811.77

Overview of the Process

Allocations is a reimbursement process that allows SGA to reimburse $60,000 to registered student organizations for projects and activities they have conducted throughout each semester that have not only benefited the members of their organization, but also the student body as a whole. To be eligible for Allocations, an organization must simply:

  • 1) Register with the Campus Activities Center
  • 2) Watch the Allocations Informational Video AND take the accompanying Quiz (available under Forms and Resources)
  • 3) Present to the SGA Finance Committee during their scheduled Finance Committee Interview
  • 4) Turn in all reimbursable receipts prior to the published deadline.

Fall 2017 Schedule 


September 18,  2017

6:00pm Governor's Room of Student Center

Allocations Workshop Part 1 (Your organization is not required to come to this workshop, but you are strongly encouraged to, as we will be answering FAQ's about Allocations and showing sample presentations)


September 19, 2017

6:00pm Prairie Room of Student Center

Allocations Workshop Part 2 (Your organization is not required to come to this workshop, but you are strongly encouraged to. We will be continuing to discuss allocations, and will work on filling out and submitting Appendix A's)



September 20, 2017



SGA Allocations page on the PSU website


Following these workshops, the Allocations Video and Quiz will be available for viewing online. 

This quiz is to ensure your student organization representative understands the information covered in the Allocations Video and Handbook. This needs to be taken even if your organization has participated in Allocations before, since the handbook has been updated. 



September 29, 2017

4:30 PM


Formstack (Online Submission)

Appendix A's are Due.
The Allocations Informational Video Quiz must be taken by a representative of your organization before an Appendix A will be accepted. On your Appendix A, you will select the method through which your organizatoin will submit a finance committee interview (either online by submitting to or in person to the finance committee). You WILL NOT be allowed to change your method of submission once you have submitted your Appendix A!

****** ****** ************** ******

October 6, 2017
11:59 PM

ONLINE Presentations due to PLEASE NOTE: This is the Friday of Fall Break.

REGARDLESS OF YOUR SUBMISSION METHOD, ALL Allocations Quizzes will be due (accessible via the PSU website) at 11:59 PM!

****** ****** **************


Week of October 9th- 13th

In-person interviews with the finance committee will be held by appointment. These interviews are for organizations that have opted NOT to submit their presentation via email, and would like to meet in-person instead. These appointments will be scheduled after submission of Appendix A's

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Week of October 16th - 20th

Student Government Finance Committee will meet and score the Presentations that were turned in.
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October 20, 2017


SGA Treasurer email

ALL Receipts DUE, No Exceptions. Receipts should be turned in to If your organization needs to submit an Appendix B, C, or D, these are also due at this time!
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November 8, 2017

7:00pm Sunflower Room of Student Center

1st Reading of Allocation Amounts.(You do not have to be present for this)

Wednesday      November 15, 2017

7:00pm Sunflower Room of Student Center

2nd Reading of Allocation Amounts.(You do not have to be present for this)

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November 16, 2017

11:00am PSU Website and Collegio Newspaper ALL ALLOCATION RESULTS will be Published on the Pittsburg State Student Government website and in the Collegio Newspaper

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