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CRP&P Heading

In order to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, we ask that all patrons demonstrate respect for others by adhering to all policies and caring for the equipment and facility. Members and guests should familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations as posted within the Student Recreation Center (SRC) or posted on our web site. Verbal instructions from staff are for the safety and comfort of all members and guests and must be followed at all times.

There are three major rules that everybody will need to follow.

  1. PSU ID CARD! Your PSU ID CARD IS YOUR ONLY MEANS OF ACCESS INTO THE FACILITY! Do not forget your card or you will not be allowed in. This is the only way we can control access and collect demographics needed for programming and risk management.
  2. Proper Attire! If you plan on using our cardio, strength, resistance circuit or free weights,  then you will need to have a sleeved shirt that covers the abdomen, arm to at least the mid-bicep and armpit. To participate in all other areas appropriate attire and shoes will be required.
  3. NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in the recreation area of the facility.  Water is allowed and must be in a clear container or purchased from the vending machine located inside the cardio.

Use of proper athletic shoes and modest attire while using Campus Recreation facilities is required. Non-marking shoes are required on all wood floors (i.e. basketball courts and group exercise studio, and track). Sandals, clogs, and other open shoes are not permitted in the cardiovascular and strength areas. To promote a welcoming atmosphere, help protect our equipment and reduce the possibility of infection transmission, unaltered, sleeved T-shirts covering the torso, shoulders and armpit must be worn while using any strength or cardio equipment. Because of increased risk of injury, it is recommended that jewelry be removed prior to participating in any activities or before utilizing any equipment in the fitness areas. Please remember that jewelry is not permitted in any Intramural Sport contest. 
Campus Recreation and/or PSU are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Bags/Personal Items
Store all items in a locker or cubby. Day lockers are available in the student/staff lock rooms (you need to supply your own lock) and cubbies are located throughout the facility.  Unattended items will be collected and considered lost if they are not stored in a locker.  Due to the lack of space in the cardio and free weight area bags are not allowed.  
Campus Recreation and/or PSU are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Bicycles & Other Wheeled Vehicles
Campus Recreation supports the use of alternative transportation; however, wheeled vehicles (e.g., bicycles, skates, skateboards, and scooters) are prohibited in the SRC and on the exterior plaza. Bicycles may be parked in the provided racks on the west side of the plaza at the owner's risk. Bicycles and scooters benches, light poles, trees, or signs risk being removed. Skates, skateboards, and scooters carried into the building must be stored in a locker or cubby. 
Campus Recreation and/or PSU are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Cell phones & paging
Use of cellular phones is permitted inside the SRC, provided they do not interfere with others' enjoyment of the facility. Please be courteous and move all cell phone conversations to a lobby or lounge area. In fairness to other patrons, cell phone use is not allowed in activity areas or locker rooms. The SRC is equipped with a paging system; however, paging of patrons is only permitted in the case of emergencies. If there is an emergency and a patron must be reached, please contact the Welcome Center Service Desk at 235-6565.

Campus Recreation facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted. During official university holidays and breaks, facilities may be closed or operate with limited hours. In addition, required maintenance and staff training may necessitate closure of parts or all of the affected facilities.

Comments & Concerns
Please direct comments and concerns to the Service Desk or use the comment box located at the welcome center of the SRC. You may also direct comments to Campus Recreation Administration through the website or by calling 235-6565.

Code of conduct- Includes SRC and Intramural Sports Programs.
Campus Recreation is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for patrons. The staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where all members and guests can enjoy the facilities and programs free from the following behaviors:

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption or illegal drug use
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Spitting (other than in approved containers)
  • Horseplay posing safety risks to participants or others
  • Mistreating of dumbbells, weights, or any equipment
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Any disruption to the progress of a sanctioned activity
  • Unsporting conduct
  • Obtaining entrance under false pretense

Emergencies & Evacuation Procedures
In the event of a serious emergency, please see the university evacuation policies posted at the main entrance of the SRC.  Please follow all instructions given by the staff.

The SRC is a single entry/exit facility. Please use the north entrance via the welcome center at the north end of the building. Other exits are for emergency use only and are monitored with alarms and cameras. Exiting or entering though any emergency exit could result in loss of privileges.

For entry in the SRC, members must have a current University ID card. Members may sponsor up to 2 guests (16 or older) to join them in the facilities per day. Guests must present a photo ID to purchase a day pass at the Service Desk. Entry may be refused or privileges suspended or revoked with sufficient cause. Individuals using an ID other than their own to gain access to the SRC risk having privileges suspended for both the individual using the false ID and the valid member.

Fitness Area/Equipment Policies:

  • Wearing sleeved T-shirts is required while using all cardiovascular and strength training equipment.
  • Please wipe down equipment after each use.
  • Closed-toed athletic shoes are required; open-toed or heeled shoes are not allowed at any time.
  • Please re-rack all weight plates, dumbbells, and barbells after usage.
  • Collars are to be utilized with all bars while lifting.
  • Utilize spotters when needed.
  • No dropping weight plates, dumbbells, or barbells at any time. If you cannot control the weight enlist the help of a spotter.
  • Patrons must be at least 16 years old to use the cardio and selectorized training equipment.
  • Please limit cardiovascular workouts to 30 minutes when others are waiting.
  • Please provide your own personal towel while working out.
  • Outside Personal Trainers are not allowed to train in Campus Recreation facilities.
    Please see complete published policies in the cardio and free weight areas.

Water in a clear plastic container with a lid is allowed throughout the SRC. Other food and beverages are not allowed.  This includes sports drinks, any water that has color, water with supplements added to it, etc.
Chewing gum
 is prohibited in all activity areas. Tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol are not allowed in the facilities. Anyone exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied access.

Lost & Found
Please contact the Equipment Desk regarding lost or missing items. Lost items will be kept for 2 weeks; items of value estimated at $25 or more will be turned over to university police. 
Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Member ID card
To enter Campus Recreation facilities, members must have their "CURRENT" PSU ID card. Members will be denied entry without thier PSU ID. Your PSU ID card is also required to check out any equipment. 
Forgot you ID card? 
Members are allowed 2 entrances per semester with another picture type of ID and thier PSU ID Number. 
Your PSU ID card is non-transferrable.  This means allowing someone else to use your PSU ID for access is prohibited and will result in suspension of privileges for both parties.  To regain your privileges you must meet with the Director of Campus Recreation.

Cash and checks are all acceptable forms of payment. Additionally electronic fund transfer and payroll deduction is available for membership.

Personal Training & Instruction
Personal training and instruction is limited to approved Campus Recreation staff. Instruction for pay or trade of services by outside entities is strictly prohibited and could jeopardize membership privileges for all parties involved.  Any PSU staff member using SRC facilities or equipment for personal training or gain could be reported to the university and disciplined according to university policy.

Pets, other than guide animals, are prohibited in the facility.

Purchase of memberships and services, are non-refundable.

Removal From SRC or Campus Recreation Programs
Campus Recreation reserves the right to eject anyone whose behavior is unruly or illegal in nature. Membership privileges could be revoked without a refund and the individual(s) will be escorted from the facility.

Smoking & Chewing Tobacco
Tabacco products are not permitted anywhere in or around the Campus Recreation disciplined.