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Memberships Heading

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is for the fitness, wellness and recreational needs of the Pittsburg State University Students.  Currently Faculty, Staff, Retired members of the Pittsburg State University family and their spouses are also eligible for facility access with a paid membership fee.

Memberships are non-refundable and are canceled once affiliation with PSU has expired.

All patrons will need to have their "CURRENT/ACTIVE" PSU ID card to gain access to the Campus Recreation portion of the facility.  This includes all students, faculty, staff and retired staff with paid memberships.  Patrons that do not bring their "CURRENT/ACTIVE" PSU ID card will be given two complimentary "No ID" passes per semester.  The SRC Staff could request another type of photo ID before access is granted.   Once both complimentary passes have been used, access will not be granted to the Campus Recreation portion of the SRC without their "CURRENT/ACTIVE" PSU ID, so please make your visit to the SRC an enjoyable one for you and our staff by bringing your "CURRENT/ACTIVE" PSU ID card with you.

All "currently enrolled" activity fee paying students will be allowed access to the facility as part of your paid activity fee. PSU faculty, staff, retired staff and their spouses are welcome to purchase a membership to access the facility. Dependents, Alumni or Community members  are not currently authorized to use the facility at this time. All of these non-membership classes are eligible to be sponsored in as  a "GUEST" and must be over 16 years of age.  To gain access as a guest you must be with a valid member and pay a $5 guest fee, per guest.  Members are allowed to sponsor up to two guests per day.

For purpose of membership to the SRC, individuals will be defined as students, faculty/staff, retired or spouse based upon the criteria listed below:

Eligible Users

Current Student: All students that are currently enrolled in activity fee paying classes for the current semester.
Current Student Spouse: Spouse of currently enrolled student.

Non-Fee Paying Students: Continuing Ed (online classes) , Ft. Scott John Deere and Harley Davidson programs and Visiting Scholars.

Faculty, Staff and Retired

  • Benefits Eligible staff  
  • Part-time and/or temporary staff (that have verified employment)
  • Retired Staff - status will be verified by the president’s office or with the HRS
  • Spouse of the listed above positions.

    If you meet one of these criteria, download and complete the Membership Application (pdf format) and bring it to the SRC. Please note there are two pages to this application, both pages need to be completed and payment submitted prior to membership being activated.

Membership Rates

Student: Membership included with paid tuition$70 annually for spouse (Staff enrolled in classes are not classified as students for membership purposes):

Non-Fee Paying Students: $64 per semester

Faculty and Staff Membership: $120 annually, $120 annually for spouse (Any staff member that receives a pay-check from PSU):

Retired Faculty and Staff: $70 annually, $70 Annually for spouse (Payment by Cash or Check paid at SRC Welcome Center)

Summer non-student access: $20 for students not enrolled, but are currently enrolled in the upcoming fall semester.

Types of Payment

Payroll Deduction:  Payroll deduction is only available for benefit eligible faculty/staff and spouses.  All other staff must pay in cash or check at the SRC Welcome Center.  Payroll deduction will be two payments based on amount authorized to deduct.  The first one will be the second paycheck in Sept. and the other will be the second paycheck in Feb.  Please, contact the Welcome Center for the deadline at 620-235-6565.

Cash or Check:  Payments at the SRC welcome center

Guest Policy 

SRC members may host non-members by purchasing a daily guest pass. Guest passes are available at a daily rate of $5.00.  Cash or Check are the only types of payment accepted. The following are guidelines for guests:

  • A member may host no more than 2 guests per day, not per visit.
  • Guest must be at least 16 years of age to access the SRC.
  • Guest passes may be purchased by the host at the SRC front desk.
  • Host’s membership will be validated before being allowed to purchase a guest pass.
  • Guests will be required to show picture identification and sign a liability release upon entering the facility.
  • A guest pass is valid on the date of purchase only.
  • If the information provided on the guest pass is found to be misrepresented in any way, the sponsoring member’s facility privileges may be affected (up to and including loss of membership privileges).
  • The host must accompany the guest while using the facility. Guests are not allowed to use the facility if the sponsoring member is not present.  The guest may come back later in the day with the same sponsor.  If they come back with a different sponsor they must pay another guest fee.
  • Hosts and their guests are responsible for compliance with all facility policies. Failure to do so will result in loss of guest privileges.
  • Guests are not eligible to participate in intramural sports or group exercise programs.
  • A guest cannot host another guest.
  • A guest cannot check out equipment. 

All policies and fees are subject to change