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Intramural Sports Policies

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Assumption of Risk
Cancelled Games & Rescheduling
Captains Responsibilities
Request to Cancel
Playing Rules
Ejection & Discipline Procedure
Free Agents
Inclement Weather
Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco
Imposition of Penalties

Assumption of Risk

Many intramural sports activities present the inherent possibility of injury.  Participation in the program is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety.  All individuals who intend to participate in vigorous sports should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine that they are physically able to participate.  Medical insurance, which would cover expenses incurred in the event of injury is not provided by PSU and is strongly recommended.


Captain's Responsibilities

A captain is the individual who organizes an intramural team and registers it to be placed in a league, or tournament.

Captains are responsible for:

  • Attending the mandatory captain's meeting for that sport and communicate all information to teammates, or appointing a player from his/her team to be the team representative at the captains meeting.
  • Making sure their team knows their scheduled game time and days of play, and arrives at the proper time.
  • Checking the eligibility for each of their teammates prior to allowing them to participate on their team
  • Making sure each of its teams players participate on only one team during the season, or tournament.
  • Paying the $20 forfeit fee if their team forfeits a game.
  • Ensuring their team or anyone affiliated with the team has appropriate conduct at all times.
  • Making teammates aware that PSU does not provide accident insurance for injuries that occur during Intramural Sports activities.

How to Enter a Team

There are two ways to create an IM Leagues account. 

Step 1:

Click the Registration link on the left hand side of the page and login with your GUS credentials.


Step 2:

Login to GUS, click “Personal Information”, scroll the page down to “Other” and click IM Leagues Portal.
To register/create an account:


Fill out the required information (required for eligibility purposes).                                  


1. Go to and click Create Account

2. Enter your information, and use your School email if applicable ( and

3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate
    your IMLeagues account.

4. You should be automatically joined to your school – If not you can search schools by
    clicking the “Schools” link

How to sign up for an intramural sport:

1. Click Registration. Login to your account using you GUS credentials. 

2. Click the Create/Join Team button at the top right of your User Homepage page


Click on the “Pittsburg State University” link to go to your school’s homepage on  

3. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join.

4. Choose the league you wish to play in (Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, etc.)

5. Choose the division you’d like to play in (Mon/Wed 3:30pm, Tues/Thu 3:30pm etc.)

6. You can join the sport one of three ways:

     a. Create a team (For team captains)

          i. Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on
             the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your

                 1. If they’ve already registered on IMLeagues: search for their name, and invite

                 2. If they haven’t yet registered on IMLeagues: scroll down to the “Invite by
                     Email Address” box, and input their email address.

      b. Join a team

          i. Use the Create/Join Team Button at top right of every page

          ii. Accepting a request from the captain to join his team

          iii. Finding the team and captain name on division/league page and requesting to join

          iv. Going to the captain’s playercard page, viewing his team, and requesting to join

      c. Join as a Free Agent
   1. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as
                      you'd like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join
                      teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to
                      their team.

Note: Due to the popularity of some leagues, it may be necessary to form a waiting list. Signing up prior to the deadline does not guarantee inclusion into a league if a league has been capped due to facility constraints. Captains that do not attend the Captains’ meeting will have their teams bumped from the league. Teams will be taken on a first come basis. There is a $20 drop fee for teams that drop after the schedule is completed.



The Intramural Sports Program is open to all currently enrolled PSU students, Faculty, and Staff.  Only students who pay activity fees are eligible to participate.  Faculty and Staff will need to have a current membership or purchase a membership to the SRC to be eligible to participate in activities/sports that take place inside the SRC.

All participants must present a valid PSU student ID before every intramural game.  Faculty and Staff Members must present their PSU ID.  There are no exceptions to the ID policy.

*All questions of eligibility should be referred to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.  Decisions relating to eligibility are at the discretion of the Assistant Director.

Any player participating in any intramural contest must be listed on the official team roster.  Players may be added on the roster by 2:00pm the day of play. Participants that are not on the roster by 2:00pm will not be allowed to participate.

For players to be eligible for postseason tournaments an individual must have checked into play in one game before the end of the regular season.

A player may only play for one team during a League/Tournament.  The only exception is that an individual playing in a Men's/Women's Division is eligible to play for ONE team in a Coed Division.

A player removed from any intramural contest by any Intramural Staff member, for any reason, is suspended indefinitely from all Intramural Sports and must personally seek reinstatement from the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Each participant is responsible for the verification of his/her own eligibility.  Team captains are responsible for checking the eligibility of their own players and should refer questionable cases to the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Classification Eligibility

Undergraduate Students:  All activity fee paying undergraduate degree-seeking or full-time students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Graduate Students: Activity fee paying full-time graduate students, including those with staff appointments, are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Faculty and Staff Members:  Full-time faculty and staff members are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.  Note: All Indoor activities require membership to the SRC to be able to participate.

Part-Time Students: Activity fee paying part-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Qualified Admission Students:  Activity fee paying qualified admission students are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.

Eligibility Restrictions

Club Sports Team Members:  Club Sport  athletes, who are recognized by the Student Activities as active members of a club, will be limited in their participation within Intramural Sports.  There shall be no more than three club athletes on a team for their respective sport or 1/3 of the regulation playing numbers.

Professional Athletes:  Any participant who is ineligible for varsity competition because loss of amateur status is ineligible from competing in that sport in which, he or she has/had professional status.

Varsity Award Winners:  Any participant who was a member of a varsity squad at Pitt State, or any other college or university, is therefore ineligible for intramural competition in that sport for a period of one full academic semester.  An academic semester is defined as: fall, spring, or summer semester in that order. Any individual who attends the university on athletic scholarship, works out with the varsity squad, or is red-shirted shall be considered as a Varsity Squad Member.

Varsity Squad Members:  The following rules apply to members of varsity squads:

1.      No member of a varsity squad shall be allowed to compete in any intramural sport between the first and last Pitt State varsity game or meet in his or her sport.

2.      Any individual who is dropped or retired by the coach from a varsity squad shall become eligible for intramural competition only by petitioning and getting favorable action on his or her written petition by the Intramural Sports Administrative staff.

Eligibility Protest

Any protest concerning eligibility in a contest in which the protesting team participated must be logged by 12:00 pm (noon) the day following the contest.  When protesting eligibility, a team must protest a specific individual(s).  Entire teams cannot be "blanketed" by protest.  Intramural Staff should be informed of the protest or any ineligible participants as soon as it occurs.

All protests must be submitted in writing using the official protest form which may be obtained from an Intramural Sports supervisor at game site, in the Intramural Sports Office, or may be printed off the web at

All eligibility protests should be submitted with all information that is vital to the protest.  Information such as individuals' name, assumed name, or other team participated for.  The more information that can be supplied to the Intramural Sports Office, the more accurate the ruling on the protest.


Men's Residence Hall:  All undergraduate/graduate degree seeking men living in the Residence Halls are eligible for the Men's Residence Halls Program.  Men are eligible to play only for the hall in which they reside.

Women's Residence Halls:  All undergraduate/graduate degree seeking women living in the women's residence halls are eligible for the Women's Residence Halls Program.   Women are eligible to play only for the hall in which they reside.

Fraternity:  All degree seeking undergraduate/graduates  who are active members, new members, or pledges of a fraternity are eligible for the Fraternity Program. 

Sorority:  All degree seeking undergraduate/graduates who are active members, new members, or pledges of a sorority are eligible for the Sorority Program. 

Independent:  All degree seeking undergraduate/graduates who are not living on campus are eligible for Men's, or Women's Independent Program.

Staff:  Faculty and Staff employed at PSU are eligible to play in Intramural Sports Programs. Note: All Indoor activities require membership to the SRC to be able to participate.


Request to Cancel

  • If a team cannot attend a scheduled contest and no way exists to reschedule, the Intramural Sports staff can agree to the cancellation of the match.
  • A team can only request to cancel a game once during a given season.
  • A representative of the team must complete a cancellation form at the Intramural Sports Office prior to 11:00 am the day of the contest. For games scheduled for Sunday, cancellations must be cleared before 11:00 am on the preceding Friday.
  • The Intramural Sports staff attempt to contact the other scheduled team to inform them of the cancellation.
  • If a team must request to cancel more than one game, they will have the option to either remove themselves from the league and incur a said forfeit or drop fee.


Inclement Weather

A decision of whether to play or cancel games will be made at 2:00 pm the day of the inclement weather.  The Intramural Sports supervisor may cancel games, if necessary, after 3:00 pm.  Information on the status of games is available by calling the Intramural Sports Office 240-6778 or visit the Intramural Sports website at

The Intramural Sports Office will reschedule games that are cancelled because of inclement weather if time, space, and personnel are available.  Teams should check the bulletin board in the SRC, Intramural Sports Office, or the website for rescheduled games.  The Intramural staff will attempt to contact captains about rescheduled games due to inclement weather, but it is ultimately the captains responsibility to check themselves.


Cancelled Games & Rescheduling

Once a League or Tournament has been created, the schedule will not be changed unless approved by the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports.

Rescheduling is limited to available time, space, and personnel.  The Intramural Sports staff can agree to the rescheduling of an Intramural Sports team contest.  A contest can only be rescheduled by the agreement of representatives from both teams.  A representative of both teams must complete a Rescheduling form at the Intramural Sports Office prior to 11:00 am the day of the contest.  Rescheduling is limited to available time, space, and personnel.


Playing Rules

The rules in all sports are based on National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), and National Association rules with modifications, when appropriate.  This is to make activities safe and enjoyable for the players while attempting to maintain the identity of the game.  The rules of each sport will be discussed at the captain's meeting for that sport and are also available on the Intramural Sports web page at



The scorecard is the official record of score, rosters, and results.  The first and last names of a team's current roster will be printed on the scorecards.  The score, as noted on the scorecard, shall be considered final unless a protest has been filed.

The Team Captain or captain's designee has the responsibility of ensuring that:

  • The score is correct.
  • The correct winner has been noted.
  • The roster is correct and complete, i.e. all team members who participated in that game are listed on the scorecard. 

By signing the scorecard, the captain indicates that the scorecard is complete and accurate.  Should the scorecard not be signed, the captain assumes the responsibilities for any inaccuracies.



Protests based on misinterpretation of the rules must be made by the team captain, manager, or their designee.  Judgment calls by an official may not be protested.

  • The protest must be made to the game official immediately following the misinterpretation and prior to the next play or live ball.  If the team continues to play, the protest will NOT receive consideration.
  • The game official shall explain his/her ruling.  If the team captain is dissatisfied with the explanation of the ruling, the Intramural Sports supervisor should be called to the game site.  The supervisor shall determine that the protest involves a rule interpretation and not the officials' judgment.  The supervisor will then assist the team in filling out the protest form with all pertinent game information (score, time, possession, etc).   The team shall state the nature of the protest.  The opposing team shall be informed that the game is being played under protest.
  • The Intramural Sports Office will rule on protests upon the following business day by 4:00 pm.  If the protest involves a game in single elimination playoffs, the ruling will be made by 2:00 pm.  The ruling will be sent, in writing or by email to the team captains involved. 



  • GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! All teams should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game to check in with the Intramural site supervisor, complete the scorecard, and get the necessary equipment for the game. The Intramural Sports staff maintains the official time at each activity area.
  • The "ready-to-play" rule for intramural team activities calls for each team to have a minimum number of players present and to have its lineup properly recorded on the official scorecard. The minimum number of players required is given in the rules for each team activity.
  • A team claiming a forfeit must be present at the scheduled game time and ready-to-play. The team must record its lineup; sign the scorecard, and state "forfeit" on the scorecard. Forfeits must be claimed at the time of the scheduled contest. Forfeits may not be claimed after that time.
  • League Play: If neither of one the teams arrive by the scheduled game time, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and each team will be given a loss, a forfeit on their record and charged the forfeit fee.
  • Playoffs/Single or Double Elimination Play: If neither one of the teams arrive by the scheduled game time, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit and neither team will advance to the next round, and will be charged a forfeit fee.
  • Any team that forfeits two of its scheduled games in league play shall automatically be dropped from the remainder of the league. The team will forfeit to the opponents all remaining games. Missing the mandatory captain's meeting counts as a forfeit, and could result in being removed from scheduled games. Forfeit fees will not be charge once a team has been dropped from an event.
  • Any team who receives a forfeit will become ineligible for postseason play. (Ex. Missing a captains meeting, AND/OR forfeiting a scheduled game.)
  • FORFEIT FEE - Any team/individual not showing up to play for their scheduled event that is officiated or supervised will be charge a $20 forfeit fee.

Individual Forfeits

  • Individual/Dual activities that are scheduled using a "play-by-date" system. It is the responsibility of the individual/dual participants to contact their opponent, schedule the match, and return the result to the Intramural Sports Office by 10:30 pm the date of the match deadline.
  • Any participant who wishes to withdraw from an individual tournament match may do so by presenting his or her intention in writing. This must be presented in person to the Intramural Sports Office during regular business hours before the match deadline, and may occur a drop fee. "ONLY for "Play-by-date" scheduling" 


Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco

Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco are prohibited on or near the playing fields and courts during intramural activities.  Officials, players, or spectators who show evidence of current or previous alcoholic consumption or drug use will be required to leave the playing area and are subject to ejection.  Any teams, including spectators, having alcoholic beverages at an intramural game site are subject to being charged with a forfeit, and may be referred to the University Police, Campus Life & Auxiliary Services and/or the President's office.



Our purpose is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to our participants in a structured environment.  Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities, but cheating, verbal and physical abuse, and a win-at-all-cost attitude is considered inappropriate. Having these principles of sportsmanship in our foundation is necessary to facilitate the spirit of competition. A sportsmanship of 3.0 is required for postseason play.


Ejection Procedure & Discipline

  • Any player, coach, or fan ejected from an intramural game for any reason must leave the playing area immediately if requested to do so by the intramural staff. Failure to leave the area may result in forfeiture of the game by the team associated with the ejected person.
  • Any participant, coach, or fan that is ejected from a Pittsburg State University Intramural Sports contest is immediately ineligible from further competition in all Intramural Sports Programs, and may include restricted access to the SRC until he/she meets with the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports. It is the individual's responsibility to schedule an appointment promptly with the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports to review his/her behavior. Individual suspensions are effective only after meeting with the administrative staff (i.e., no self-imposed penalties). Contact the Intramural Sports Office at 235-4673 between 8am and 2pm on Monday through Friday to set up an appointment.
  • Cases involving physical abuse of or between participants and/or spectators and Intramural Sports staff may be referred to the University Police, Campus Life & Auxiliary Services and the President's office.
  • Verbal Abuse will not be tolerated. Any foul language, threats or any other insinuated comments that are derogatory or aggressive in nature will be grounds for Intramural Sports discipline. Actions taken may be a warning, suspension of games or loss of Intramural Sports privileges.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or on state property! Persons at Intramural Sports activities found with alcoholic beverages will be escorted from the area. Further disciplinary action by the Director of Campus Recreation, PSU Police, or the VP of Campus Life may be taken.
  • Any player or manager who participates in any activity under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be suspended from ALL Intramural Sports activity indefinitely. Names of these people may be referred to the University Police, Campus Life & Auxiliary Services and the President's office.
  • Teams are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. The right to participate may be lost by anyone (team members, coaches, and spectators) who displays misconduct before, during or after the contest.
  • Any participants (coaches and players) who repeatedly exhibit poor attitude and lack of sportsmanship will lose their right to participate in the Intramural Sports Program.

NOTE: Participants are subject to ejection from intramural events from the time they arrive at the game site to the time they leave.  Participants may be additionally sanctioned for any harassment of staff or other participants that takes place off of Campus Recreation premises if reported by staff members, including electronic form of harassment (ex. Social Media, text messages).


Imposition of Penalties 

Rules, regulations, and interpretations have been established to facilitate the orderly and efficient administration of both the division's programs and the facilities serving the program.  A participant who fails to comply with the established rule or regulation normally will incur a penalty.  For example, in an intramural single-elimination tournament, if the match results are not reported before the match deadline, participants are forfeited from the tournament.

Accidents and Injuries
Players participate in the Intramural Sports program at their own risk. The state of Kansas and PSU does not accept liability for the injury of participants in the Intramural Sports Program.

Medical Examinations
All students should have a complete physical examination on file at the Student Health Center before participating in vigorous recreational sports.

Serious Medical Conditions
Those students with serious medical conditions should make the Office of Campus Activities and the Student Health Center aware of their conditions prior to participation in an Intramural Sports activity.