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Personal Trainer Request Form

Personal Training

Hire a personal trainer to help attain your fitness goals!

Our Trainers will provide:

Fitness Assessments

Body Composition Test

Customized Workout Program

One-on-one training

Motivation and Enthusiasm

Personal Training Costs:

                                   Students & SRC Members       Non-Members      
3 Sessions   $30 $90
6 Sessions $50 $150
12 Sessions $100 $300


Starter Session

This is a one-time consultation with a Personal Trainer. During this time you will discuss your goals, perform a fitness assessment, receive an orientation of the recreation facility, and discuss a proper workout routine.

Fee: $10

Body Composition Test

Test that measures the body's relative amount of Fat Mass to Fat-Free Mass.

Discover your body fat percentage, BMR, Fat Mass, and  Fat-Free-Mass.

Fee: $5

For more information contact or 620-235-6081