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Class Description:

Core Conditioning- A core strength and endurance class that emphasizes the mid section of the body. Work those abdominals, glutes, lower back for a tight, well conditioned core. 

Boot Camp- This class mixes traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training to jump start that metabolism. No two classes are the same! 

Total Body Conditioning- This class will work that whole body by mixing up strength training and a variety of cardiovascular conditioning drills.

Yoga- This class works to develop the physical body with strength, stamina and flexibility; the emotional body with stability, confidence and discernment; the mental body with awareness, concentration and focus.

W.O.D.- Work Out of the Day is a fitness class inspired by Crossfit that combines strength training movements and cardio conditioning to provide you with the ultimate workout.

All classes are not for credit.

For more information contact or call 620-235-4983