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Global Reach

The Kelce College of Business is preparing students to enter an increasingly global marketplace. Many of our programs are tailored to educate students on a national and international scale.

Business and International Business Education ProgramThe Pittsburg State University International Business major is a multi-disciplinary major, incorporating a variety of disciplines across a variety of colleges and departments within the Pittsburg State University community. The major is designed to give students a core body of knowledge and basic skills necessary to live and work successfully in the increasingly interconnected world.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Major in International BusinessThe goal of the International Business major is to provide high-quality, in-depth education in international affairs, to cultivate foreign language and inter-cultural communications skills, to provide opportunities for study abroad, to enhance students’ vocational skills in an increasingly interconnected world, and to provide an intellectual climate that cultivates curiosity, tolerance and an eagerness to learn about the world.

Minor in International Business Students with a major in other colleges may wish to minor in international business. The minor in international business may be used to satisfy the minor requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Study Abroad - Pittsburg State offers a wide variety of opportunities for the true international experience through its Study Abroad program. Students can participate in faculty-led and/or exchange programs.