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Campus Services

Student Employment

Over 900 students are employed each year on campus. Assistance with both on and off campus employment is available through the Student Employment Office, which is located in the Student Welcoming Center, Room 203. You may contact them by phone (620) 235-4145, or visit their web site.

Student Health

A student health fee is included in tuition each semester that allows current students to receive basic care FREE OF CHARGE! Students needing special services, procedures, lab tests, x-rays, medications or medical supplies will be charged, but at a much lesser price than community rates. The Student Health Center is located between Carnie Smith Football Stadium and the Alumni Center. For more information visit their web site, or call at (620) 235-4452.


Tutoring programs are run through the individual departments. Courses that are available are typically general education courses, which are 100-200 level. If a department does not offer a tutoring program students are encouraged to contact the professor for additional assistance. For departments that offer tutoring programs and a list of classes in the programs click here.

Students with Disabilities

Students seeking assistance with academic programs because of physical disabilities are to contact Jamie Jones, Director of Equal Opportunity, 218 Russ Hall, (620) 235-4185 or (620) 235-4189. Students seeking assistance with academic programs because of learning disabilities/attention deficit disorders are to contact Ms. Kelly Heiskell, Director of the Learning Center, 225C Whitesitt Hall, (620) 235-6584.

For prospective students planning to visit campus please contact the Office of Admission at 1-800-854-7488 or 235-4251. They may also set appointments to meet with Jamie Brooksher and/or Kelly Heiskell.

Student Emergencies

In those emergencies requiring a prolonged absence from class, such as death in the family or illness, the student should call the Campus Life and Auxiliary Services at (620) 235-4231. If you are needing to contact the student after regular office hours (8-4:30 p.m.), you will need to contact the University Police and Parking Department at 620-235-4684.

Office of Student Diversity The Office of Student Diversity (OSD), 104B Horace Mann, offers several services that are valuable and open to students from all backgrounds and cultures. The purpose of the OSD is to provide support and resources that will assist with student success and Pittsburg State University while gaining awareness and appreciation of the cultural, racial, ethnic and other diverse groups represented on our university’s campus. The OSD maintains the Multicultural Resource Center that provides a computer lab, a library of books, movies, and films that are designed to benefit academic programs and research. Leslye Steptoe is the Director and she can be reached at 620-235-6556.

New Student Orientation

Pitt C.A.R.E.S is a program designed to help incoming freshmen and transfer students as they make the transition into Pittsburg State University. It is a required date that freshmen students will have to attend in order to receive their class schedule and information about beginning classes in the fall semester.