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2015-2016 Unclassified Staff Senate

First Name                  Last Name                      Cohort                                               Term End
Cathy Lee Arcuino Academic Affairs/1 2016
Tammy Higgins Academic Affairs/1 2016
Candace Stebbins Academic Affairs/1 2017
Ashley Wadell Academic Affairs/1 2017
Kylie Edgecomb Academic Affairs/2 2017
Tim Flood Academic Affairs/2 2016
Amanda Hill Academic Affairs/2 2016
David Kuehn Academic Affairs/2 2017
Jacob Anselmi At Large 2016
David Hogard At Large 2017
Misty Button Admin & Campus Life/1 2017
Mike McCracken Admin & Campus Life/1 2017
Jason Kegler Admin & Campus Life/1 2017
LaDonna Flynn President's Div./1 2015
Brad Wells President's Div./1 2015
Mark Darker President's Div./1 2016
Amanda Williams President's Div./1 2016
Becky Qualls President's Div./1 2017
Jessica Stice Univ. Adv./1 2017
Erin Sullivan Univ. Adv./1 2017
Sara Riddle Univ. Adv./2 2016
Thomas Blyer Univ. Adv./2 2017


2014-2015 Unclassified Staff Senate

Unclassified Staff Senate 2014-2015Back Row L to R: Tim Flood, Jacob Anselmi, Brett Dalton, Mike Smith, Maria Thompson, Cathy Lee Arcuino, Ashley Waddell, Mark Darker.    Front Row L to R: Kelsey Renfro, Misty Button, Becky Qualls, Amanda Williams, Sara Riddle, LaDonna Flynn  Not Pictured: Amanda Hill, Cynthia Allan, Rhona Shand, Tom Westhoff, Mike McCracken, Brad Wells, Diane Hutchison, Andrew Myers



Senate Bylaws - Amended March, 2013
Senate Bylaws - Established April 2011