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2017-2018 Faculty Senate Membership

Faculty Senate President

Past President

College of Arts and Sciences

                   Art, Rhona McBain (, x 4296)
 James Whitney Biology, James Whitney(, x 4735)

Ram Krishna GuptaChemistry, Ram Krishna Gupta (, x 4763)

Kristen LivingstonCommunication, Kristen Livingston (, x. 4715)

John FranklinEnglish and Modern Languages, John Franklin (2nd) (, x. 4693)

Brian MootsEnglish and Modern Languages, Brian Moots (, x. 4902)

Shawnee HendershotFamily and Consumer Sciences, Shawnee Hendershot (2nd) ( x. 4459)

James McBainHistory, Philosophy and Social Sciences, James McBain (2nd) (, x. 6039)

Chris ChildersHistory, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Chris Childers (, x. 4325)

Scott ThuongMathematics, Scott Thuong (2nd) (, x. 4429)

Eric HollingsworthMilitary Science, Eric Hollingsworth (, x. 4852)

Raul MunguiaMusic, Raul Munguia (, x. 4472)

Kristi FrisbeeNursing, Kristi Frisbee (, x. 4434)

Ben TayoPhysics, Ben Tayo (, x. 4922)

Kyle ThompsonWomen’s Studies, Kyle Thompson (, x. 4318)

College of Business

College of Education

College of Technology

Division of Learning Resources -Library Services

At-Large Members

Recording Secretary