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Archived Documents

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End-of-Year Committee Reports



  • Regents Faculty Morale Survey, April 2004 (*.doc)(*.pdf)
  • General Education Task Force [dated: 2/06/04]


  • Results of the Academic Affairs faculty questionnaire from Spring 2002 (*.doc) (*.pdf) [dated: 8/27/02]
  • Report on the Requirement of 54-hours of Upper-level Courses for Baccalaureate Degrees. Council of Faculty Senate Presidents. 14 March 2002 (*.doc) (*.pdf) [dated: 3/29/02]
  • Resolution Affirming the Importance of Academic Integrity in Education (*.doc) (*.pdf) [dated: 3/29/02]
  • Revisions to Student Code (*.doc) (*.pdf) [dated:3/29/02]


  • Budget Reform (proposal by universities to Board of Regents, 9/6/00) (*.pdf) [dated: 9/6/00]

1999 or earlier

  • Examination of Gender Equality Issues at PSU, 12/1/99)  (Note: the report does not contain qualitative comments from the survey.) (*.pdf) [dated: 12/1/99]
  • Report of the Faculty Senate Information Systems Committee (no date) (*.pdf) [dated: n/a]