A student receiving veteran's benefits is subject to specific rules that impact the student's ability to receive the benefits. Please be aware of the following when advising a student who is receiving veteran's benefits:

  • Watch out for short courses. A student may be enrolled in 12 hours, but if one of those is a short course, the student is only full time for the duration of those 12 hours. Once the short course is over, the student will be less than a full time student.
  • ONLY courses on the student's degree audit can be counted for GI Bill. A course may be very helpful for a student, but if it is not required for graduation it cannot be counted.
  • If you are substituting a course, make sure the paper work is completed as quickly as possible. A course that is not on a student's degree audit cannot be certified unless a substitution form has been received by the degree checking office.
  • If a student is not attending class, then the student should be dropped from the course. The GI Bill pays a student for school attendance. If the student is not attending, then he/she is not entitled to receive federal money.
  • A student who has completed basic training and submits a military transcript to the Registrar's office may receive credit for military training, specifically lifetime fitness will be waived upon receipt of the military transcript.