Student-athletes have unique academic requirements that can present different challenges as an advisor.  It is essential to understand that there are rules that apply to all student-athletes and then rules and requirements that are different depending upon the number of semesters they have completed.

Requirements that apply to all student athletes:

  • Student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 new hours per semester. Repeated courses where the student athlete earned a C or D will not count as new hours and can not be used towards the 12 hour requirement.
  • Generally, student athletes may not take remedial courses during the academic year. Please do not enroll student athletes in remedial classes such as Intermediate Algebra unless the student is also enrolled (and understands that he/she must remain enrolled) in a minimum of 12 credit hours directly from the degree audit and the student is in his/her freshman year. Remedial coursework does not meet a degree requirement, and it will not apply toward the NCAA 12 credit hour minimum requirement.
  • If at any point a student athlete drops below 12 hours, they will not be able to practice, compete, or receive athletic aid and could jeopardize their federal financial assistance.
  • Student-athletes are recommended to take a minimum of 15 hours per semester in case they need to drop a class. A 15 credit hour schedule allows the student-athlete to drop a class later in the semester without jeopardizing their eligibility.
  • Student-athletes usually will try to get their classes scheduled in a certain time frame to accommodate practice, conditioning, and competitions.
  • Prior to the 5th semester of school, student-athletes must declare a major if they have not already done so.

Student-athletes in their first four semesters: These student athletes may take any degree credit course towards the 12 hour requirement per semester. 

Student-athletes in 5th semester & there after: At this point the student athlete must enroll in and pass 12 or more hours towards their declared major, minor, or emphasis. Any course a student-athlete takes that does not apply toward their major, minor, or emphasis can not be applied to the NCAA minimum 12 hour per semester requirement. 

If you have any questions about enrolling a student-athlete or other questions or concerns please contact the Academic & Compliance Office at 235-4067.