A transfer student with an Associate Degree has not automatically completed the PSU general education requirements, but must also meet the requirements of the Kansas Board of Regents articulation agreement. Transfer transcripts may be found in the GUS advisement screen under Advise Individual Student-unofficial transcripts (change default to View Transfer Transcript).

Course Equivalencies

For course equivalencies for many community colleges as well as several four-year institutions in our region:

Transfer Credits and Grades

  • GPA is based on all course work completed at accredited institutions of higher education
  • Remedial or developmental coursework transferred from an accredited institution will count in GPA and total credit hours, but will not count toward degree program
  • Initial determination of transferability will be made by the transcript analyst in the Registrar's Office; reconsideration of an equivalency determination or request for substitution is made through the transcript analyst in the Registrar's Office, who will then contact the dean of the appropriate college
  • Transfer courses for international colleges and universities are assigned "P" for equivalent letter grades of A, B, C or D

Questions regarding transfer of courses should be directed to the Assistant Registrar for Transcript Analysis (ext. 4253).