Advisement Number - This is a system generated password that each student must get from his/her advisor in order to access the online enrollment system. The advisement number changes each semester. Each advisor determines whether to provide this number to an advisee or to enter the enrollment him/herself.

Degree Audit - Available in GUS, this is an unofficial list of the coursework and degree requirements to be completed.

Drop/Add - Changes to a student's schedule of classes can be done in three ways: 1) by the student who is in possession of a valid advisement number, 2) by the academic advisor, or 3) by the Registrar's office. The student and the advisor will lose this capability one week after the beginning of the semester; at that point all add/drops must be processed through the Registrar's office.

Early Enrollment (pre-enrollment) - This is the enrollment period for currently enrolled PSU students who are planning to continue their enrollment the next semester. Early enrollment for the fall semester is held in April and for the spring semester in November.

Gorilla User System (GUS) - This is the portal through which enrollment is completed. During the actual real time online enrollment, the system will check for:

  • Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements
  • Time conflicts
  • Whether a course is required for the degree

Official Degree Audit - This is the degree audit that students should request after hours passed plus current enrollment total 85 or more credit hours. Completed by the degree checking within the Registrar's office, the official degree audit lists the classes and graduation requirements the student must complete to receive the specified degree. The official audit is tied to a specific catalog; changes in the catalog year may change requirements.

Open Enrollment - This is the time from immediately after Transfer student enrollment until the end of the enrollment period. Enrollment is available during this time; however, departmental advisors are not always available. (Students needing assistance who are unable to contact their academic advisor are encouraged to contact the First Year Programs Office in 213 Russ Hall or at 235-4265). NOTE: During the three week time period immediately preceding the start of the fall semester, academic advisors are available in the Admission Office to enroll any major.

Transfer Enrollment - Two days in November and April following Early Enrollment during which transfer students are given their first opportunity to enroll.