Effective academic advising is central to the educational mission of the Board of Regents. To ensure that all students have access to high quality advising, each Regents university shall establish an Academic Advising System which shall provide the following:

  • Goal Setting: Help students to set both short-term and long-term educational goals.
  • Information: Accurately inform students of graduation requirement of their department; be sensitive to the importance of strategic course selections so as to minimize the number of semesters required for graduation; inform students of career opportunities in their field of study.
  • Transitions:  Inform students how to change colleges and/or departments; provide information to explain the process student follow to enroll in their curriculum and to drop or add courses during the semester.
  • Accessibility: Have reasonable hours and methods of availability for students; students should be able to set up appointments for an adequate amount of time to make curricular selections and career choices.
  • Referral: Be able to refer students to various campus resources including, but not limited to: university counseling services, student activities, and career and employment services.