The online PSU course catalog is the best (and most current) source of information regarding specific requirements for each major:

Below is a review of the basics of degree completion.

An official degree audit is required for students who have completed 85 credit hours. Completed by the degree checking office, this final degree audit locks in a student's intended degree and provides an accurate list of remaining coursework needed to complete the degree. For questions about an official degree audit, please contact the degree checking office at extension 4211.

Degree Elements

  • General Education
  • Major
  • Minor (if applicable)
  • GPA requirements
    • 2.0 minimum GPA for all major and minor course work (with exceptions below)
    • BSEd - Secondary Education 2.75 in major and 2.5 minimum cumulative
    • BSEd - Elementary Education 3.0 in major & 2.8 minimum cumulative
    • Art Majors - 3.0 minimum in major coursework and no letter grade below a "B" in upper division coursework
  • Minimum 60 credit hours must be earned from an accredited four-year university or college
  • Minimum 45 credit hours upper division credit (300 - 799) earned from a four year institution
  • Minimum 30 credit hours earned in residence (from PSU) with 2.0 GPA in all resident hours earned and must include at least 8 hours of credit in the major department
  • Maximum 6 credit hours completed at another college or university may be applied on the last 30 hours prior to graduation

General Education

All PSU students complete a general education program as outlined in the Catalog assigned. (See pages 48-50 for an overview of the 2009-2011 Catalog general education options.) The purpose of general education is "to provide an environment in which students can acquire the basic knowledge and skills common to educated people in our global society."

General Education Goals:

  • Student should be able to communicate effectively
  • Students should be able to think critically
  • Students should be able to function responsibly in the world in which they live

Major specific requirements should be considered when choosing general education courses. Some major programs specify courses within the general education needed for that degree program (e.g. Nursing requires a Nutrition course thereby eliminating the Lifetime Fitness course under Health and Well-being). Other degree programs eliminate general education electives courses and replace them with courses in the major (e.g. Engineering Technology has students select one course from the areas of Fine Art & Aesthetic and Cultural Studies rather than one from each area).

Degree Program

A degree usually consists of 124-127 credit hours within a specific field of study with certain requirements (remedial/developmental course work are not counted toward hours completed).


PSU offers more than 130 majors. It is important to note that each major may require certain course requirements along with courses in the actual department (e.g. requiring specific general education course selection).

Emphasis Areas/Concentrations

Concentrations are focused studies within a major or in conjunction with a specific major. Information on concentrations is available in the Catalog along with relevant major information.


A minor involves a specific subset of courses within a field of study. Minors usually require 21 or more credits and allow a student to gain more in-depth knowledge of a discipline without completing a second major. All Bachelor of Arts and many other majors require completion of a minor.