1. Describe the goals and services of the referred service. (Don't assume that the student already knows its purpose or function.)
  2. Personalize the referral: Refer the student to a person (a name)-rather than an office.
  3. Reassure the student of the qualifications and capability of the person to whom he/she is being referred.
  4. Help the student identify what questions to ask and how to approach the resource person.
  5. Make explicitly sure that the student knows where to go and how to get there.
  6. Phone for an appointment while the student is in your presence.
  7. Walk with the student to the referred person's office.
  8. Follow-up the initial referral by asking the student if the contact occurred, how it went, and whether there will be future contact.
  9. Praise the student for making the effort to seek support and taking a step toward self-improvement.