Once admitted, for a student to enroll for courses, he/she will need the following:

  • GUS PIN - the password that allows the student to access the student portal
  • Gusmail account - every student is required to have an official PSU email account; this account is selected at the point of initial enrollment if not before
  • Advisement number - the password received from the academic advisor following consultation that allows access to the enrollment system

Continuing students must see an academic advisor to enroll and/or obtain an advisement number for each semester. Advising sessions may be held in person, by telephone, or electronically. Advisors should not provide an advisement number to a student without fulfilling the responsibilities of an advisor as identified by the Kansas Board of Regents and PSU.

The Gorilla User System (GUS) provides significant assistance to both the student and the advisor for tracking the progress toward degree. However, it is not an infallible system. Advisors are encouraged to remain diligent in learning about changes to general education, major and minor requirements approved by the Faculty Senate.

New Freshmen

Students enrolling at PSU immediately after graduating from high school are required to attend a Pitt CARES (Campus Advisement, Registration and Enrollment Services) session in order to enroll in classes. Additionally, new students under the age of 21 who are admitted as freshmen are highly encouraged to participate in Pitt CARES. Sessions are held in June for May graduates and in January for December or January graduates. Registration is required.

NOTE: New freshmen coming to PSU immediately following high school graduation (August or January) are required to take UGS 100 Freshman Experience in their first semester at PSU. Other new freshmen under the age of 21 are encouraged to take this course. Other new students (freshmen over 21 and transfer students) are encouraged to take UGS 101 Transitions in their first semester at PSU.

New Transfer Students

Students transferring to PSU are invited to participate in a Transfer Pitt CARES session generally held the Monday and Tuesday immediately following the week of early enrollment for current PSU students (April for a fall or summer semester start and November for a spring semester start). Once those Pitt CARES sessions have occurred, transfer students are encouraged to make contact with the academic department where their major is located to schedule an advising and enrollment appointment before coming to campus; transfer students may enroll at any time following the Transfer Pitt CARES sessions through the first week of classes. Transfer students who are participating in the Exploratory Studies Program (undeclared) are required to take UGS 101 Transitions in their first semester at PSU.

Re-admitted Students

Students who have been re-admitted for PSU after being away for a year or more may enroll, by appointment, at anytime following the conclusion of the Transfer Pitt CARES sessions held in April or November as appropriate.

Continuing Students

Students who are continuously enrolled may enroll for the upcoming semester(s) based on a schedule set by the Registrar's Office. Summer and fall semesters enrollment occurs in April and spring semester enrollment occurs in November. The dates are available on the registrar's website at: http://www.pittstate.edu/office/registrar/enroll.dot?term=web (see Enrollment Instructions at top of page and select the appropriate term). The typical order is as follows:

Monday - Graduate Students and Seniors (90 hours passed)
Tuesday - Juniors (60 hours passed)
Wednesday - Sophomores (30 hours passed)
Thursday - Freshmen (rotates each term either A-M by last or N-Z by last)
Friday - Freshmen (rotates each term either A-M by last or N-Z by last)

Enrollment Holds

If a "hold" has been placed on a student, that student will not be allowed to enroll for courses for an upcoming semester until the hold has been removed. Most holds will be due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Incomplete Admission file (typically a missing transcript)
  • Parking Tickets Unpaid
  • Library Fines
  • Housing Fines
  • Transcript Fees
  • Tuition Unpaid
  • Other department holds for money owed