5 things advisors should know about the IKE Certificate

1.    Students need to complete 2 out of 3 components:

  • Study Abroad
  • Academic Component
  • Co-curricular activities

2.    International students get credit for Study Abroad for being here at PSU and for the language courses for their English competency. So they only need 3 content courses-one of which may be about the US and 2 of which should be international.

3.    For the Academic Component:

4.    Some of the approved courses are General Education courses, and as an advisor, you can help students make decisions early in their academic career which could enable them to earn this certificate more easily:

  • For the Political Studies Gen Ed - POLS 324 counts while POLS 101 does not.
  • For the Producing and Consuming Gen Ed- GT 105 Technology and Civilization counts
  • For the Fine Arts Gen Ed - ART 178, ART 288 and 289, and MUSIC 120 if it's World Music count.
  • For the Cultural Studies Gen Ed - this would be where the language courses would fit in, though GEOG 106, GEOG 304 and WOMEN 399 also count.
  • For the Human Heritage Gen Ed - HIST 102 World History from 1500 counts, and PHIL 231 World Religions counts.

5.    Enrollment is not automatic - students must be enrolled through Angel, which is free. They can send an e-mail asking to be enrolled to ike@pittstate.edu. They can enroll any time, and any courses they have already completed will still count. Courses transferred in from other institutions count too.

The study abroad coordinator maintains a calendar in Angel of IKE co-curricular events. If your department will host an event with an international focus, it would be great if you could include "counts for IKE" in the general announcement and please let us know so we can add it to our calendar. Please send information to ike@pittstate.edu.