Advisors and advisees have access to an online degree audit through GUS.

  • Select Advise an Individual Student or Advisement Menu
  • Enter student's name or PSU ID number
  • Select Degree Audit (either with current degree or modified depending on your needs)

The degree audit is a useful tool in selecting coursework appropriate to the degree the student is seeking. It is not guaranteed to be correct, although is accurate for most students. (When a student has successfully completed 85 credit hours, he/she should apply for an "official degree audit" through the degree checking office in 102 Russ Hall or online at a link provided in the student's degree audit on GUS.)

Information available in the online degree audit:

  • Advisor's name
  • Catalog assigned
  • Degree
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Current enrollment (if any)
  • Writing to Learn status
  • Summary of hours and grade points (completed and needed)
  • Grade point average (cumulative and in major)
  • Course work to be completed (assumes that student will successfully complete courses currently enrolled in at PSU)
  • Hours needed to complete upper division requirements
  • Total hours needed to graduate

Modified Degree Audit - The "What If" Option

The modified degree audit allows the advisor and advisee to determine how previously completed coursework would fit into a different major, change in emphasis area, or addition or deletion of a minor.