1.    Make, keep and be on time for appointments with academic advisor at least one time each semester.

2.    Review the on-line course schedule, program guides and course catalog to prepare a tentative schedule to discuss with your advisor prior to initiating contact.

3.    Have alternative courses in mind, after all some courses do close.

4.    Learn to access and use enrollment information on the Gorilla User System (GUS).

5.    Ask questions when you do not know and follow through on referrals made by your advisor.

6.    Get to know your advisor and let him/her get to know you. This person is a valuable resource and can be of benefit to you not only while you are at PSU, but also afterwards once you enter the job market or graduate school.

7.    Remember that it is also your responsibility to be aware of graduation and degree requirements. Do your very best and accept responsibility for your academic decisions.

8.    Be aware of policies, requirements, resources and materials necessary for you academic progress and achievement.