1.    What do you hope to do with your life?

2.    Why did you choose to come to Pitt State?

3.    What major or majors are you considering?

4.    Why have you chosen (or why are you considering) this majors - simply to prepare for a career?

  • Do you really like that area of study?
  • Do you think it will lead to a high paying job/prestigious job?

5.    Are there any special situations that we need to consider in planning your educational program?

  • Do you have a job?
  • Are you responsible for your family?
  • Do you have a disability?
  • Do you have military obligations?

6.    What questions do you have about:

  • Pitt State?
  • your major?
  • requirements?
  • scheduling?

7.    Where will you be living? What kinds of outside activities do you like (sports, music, theater, student government, literary, etc)?

8.    Are you aware of the resources available to you (tutoring, counseling, career planning, study abroad, honors, financial)?

9.    What, if anything, worries you about your college career? Do you have concerns about adjusting to the university?

10. How can I as you advisor help you most?

  • PSU policies
  • scheduling
  • career guidance
  • problems - personal, academic
  • information