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Join other Gorillas in exploring the world with travel tours every spring and fall. Exceptional hotels, excursion programs, and tour guides will make your trip memorable as well as affordable.

International & Domestic Travel

Pittsburg State University Alumni Association in connection with
Go Next and Please Go Away Vacations are pleased to present
wonderful travel opportunities available to
yourself, your family and friends.

Take advantage of the great savings and conveniences
when traveling with Go Next or Please Go Away Vacations.
On many of our programs, you can select from daily optional excursions
or experience these destinations on your own.

Because of the exceptional price and limited space,
we encourage you to make your reservation
as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need
additional information see below for contact information.
Go Next 952-918-8950 or 800-842-9023
Please Go Away Vacations at 800-362-9347 or
See below for a list of upcoming trips.

Scheduled Trips for 2015



"Go Away with Gus"
Please Go Away Vacations

2014 Travel Brochure
2014 Travel Catalog

Free Online Travelogue - January 7th

Mainland Europe's Best Weather Awaits Gus Travelers

As You Like It Travel  Benefits

“Don’t let something like a broken leg, a big project at work, or even a sick parent or child suddenly prevent you from taking your dream vacation!  Regardless of your destination, consider the travel insurance offers available through the Alumni Insurance Program.  LEARN MORE