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Terra Higgins

Communication and Data Specialist

Honors B.A., Psychology/English and Sociology -Magna Cum Laude
M.S., Psychology -Magna Cum Laude

Terra Higgins

High Schools: Frontenac, Girard, Northeast, Pittsburg, & St. Mary's Colgan in Kansas; Carl Junction, Lamar, & Webb City in Missouri       

TOLL-FREE: 1-800-854-PITT (7488) 
Office Phone: 620-235-4581
Cell Phone: 620-687-0561

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Get to know Terra

My hometown:  Carl Junction, MO

My favorite thing about Pitt State: One of my favorite things about Pittsburg State is game day at Carnie Smith Stadium. Nothing beats the excitement surrounding Gorilla football! The entire community turns out to support the university. You really get that big college town atmosphere with Gorillafest, the tailgating, the players' walk to the stadium through Champions' Plaza, and the band playing Welcome to the Jungle. Inside the stadium there is the ROTC cannon by one end zone and the Jungletron at the other, with a whole lot going on in between!

Why I decided to attend Pitt State: I was born a Gorilla. My dad graduated from Pittsburg State in 1980, and received his Master's degree in 1985. Growing up, Pitt State was always a big part of my life. When it came time to continue my own education, I knew being a Gorilla was the perfect fit.

Favorite quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

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