Sustainability Society and Resource Management

Sustainability Society and Resource Management Degree Emphasis

Sustainability Society and Resource Management Undergraduate Degree Emphasis

Change the world, one sustainable solution at a time with Pittsburg State University’s Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree program in Sustainability, Society and Resource Management (SSRM). Our unique interdisciplinary undergraduate program provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and hands-on experience required for effective resource management in today’s complex world. As a sustainability professional, you’ll be able to help employers conserve resources, improve operational efficiency; create new, more environmentally and socially responsible technologies or services; educate stakeholders about environmental and social issues, and facilitate outreach, planning and programming. Improve life for future generations; earn a SSRM degree from Pitt State.

Why Pitt State?

Pittsburg State University’s Bachelors of Integrated Studies (BIS) degree In Sustainability, Society & Resource Management (SSRM) is the only program of its kind in the State of Kansas. This is a high-contact degree program between faculty and students within the departments of biology, geography, and communication.

Our students learn through a variety of approaches, including classroom instruction, field exercises, and hands-on laboratory experiences. Students who successfully complete the SSRM degree program are environmentally conscious individuals who genuinely want to make a positive difference in the world around them. We encourage our students to explore their own unique sustainability interest areas.

Career Options

Successful graduates will be qualified for employment in a broad range of private enterprise, government agencies and non-profit organizations in the various natural resources fields, and will be well-equipped for graduate studies.

Examples of sustainability related positions include:

  • City & local government, environmental impact analysts
  • Environmental scientists
  • Business operations specialists
  • Conservation scientists
  • Wildlife manager
  • Urban planners
  • Transportation, storage, and distribution managers
  • Soil & plant scientists
  • Community development analyst
  • Industrial production managers
  • Sustainability directors and coordinators
  • Sustainability educators
  • Corporate sustainability trainers
  • And much more

Internship and research opportunities for Sustainability Society and Resource Management majors

Our SSRM program encourages undergraduate research engagement.  SSRM students have access to the resources and technology of the GIS Lab in Geography, and the Communication Research Lab. Internships are encouraged but not required for this degree program. Upper undergraduate course credit is available to students who choose to complete an internship.

Learn more about the Department of Communication

Housed within Pittsburg State University’s College of Arts & Sciences, the Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree in Sustainability, Society and, Resource Management (SSRM) is an example of Pittsburg State’s innovative approach to education in today’s changing world. Our unique sustainability degree program draws on the expertise of faculty in biology, communication and geography in order to provide students with the broad-based knowledge they need to succeed in today’s workplace. Visit the sustainability academic program page to learn more.


Students take a selection of classes to complete Sustainability Society and Resource Management emphasis.

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