History Degree

History Undergraduate Degree

Historians seek to understand and critically analyze how kings, queens, and everyday women and men lived, believed, and impacted the world around them. There are historians of every region of the world, of every era, and many more focused fields such as global history, military history, political history, and social history.

Why Pitt State?

Pittsburg State's history program offers a variety of courses in American and global history taught by faculty whose research interests range from southeastern Kansas to Mali in Africa, and beyond, and from colonial politics to contemporary civil wars. They all teach critical thinking and advanced research skills, both of which translate well to any career choice, including graduate studies. 

Career Options

An undergraduate degree in history can lead to a wide variety of careers, including politics. As an intelligence specialist or an Armed Forces historian, our graduates may work in public relations or maybe for an archive or a historical museum. History degrees also allow students to pursue an advanced degree in law, library science, or public history.

Internship and research opportunities

Our internship is available to seniors and graduate students. Those who elect to participate will benefit from successful partnerships with archives and museums featuring local, regional, state, and national history. 

Learn more about the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences

Pittsburg State University’s Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences consists of those specialties that have emerged as so desirable in the 21st Century labor force. Top corporations are looking for career-oriented employees, people who can thrive in ambiguity and chaos, who think outside the box, who can shift gears quickly and competently, and who, most importantly, can work with other people of every conceivable background, locally or internationally.

Students who want to crafting a solid foundation for a rich career and a satisfying existence that draws its knowledge about people from data and research should pursue a history degree.


Students in the History major take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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