Environmental and Safety Management

Environmental and Safety Management Degree

Environmental and Safety Management Undergraduate Degree

Safety in the workplace is more crucial than ever. The School of Construction offers a comprehensive sequence of courses leading to a degree in Environmental and Safety Management or a minor in Safety, Health and Environmental Management.

This program is a broad-based program that exposes students to several aspects of environmental and workplace safety.

Why Pitt State?

In 2015, our Environmental and Safety Management program was added to the Institute for Safety and Health Management’s list of national board-approved programs. A student earning an environmental and safety management degree from a board-approved institution is automatically qualified for the Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM) credential offered by the ISHM.

ASHM credentials help potential employers know that the individual has been formally educated and prepared to address safety and health issues and are ready to step into an entry-level position.

Pitt State’s program joins degree programs from just 12 other higher education institutions in Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin that are recognized by ISHM.

Experienced Faculty

Pittsburg State is able to offer an Environmental and Safety Management program because our faculty is uniquely qualified to teach those courses. The men and women on our faculty have extensive industry experience and have lived the concepts they teach.


Students in the Environmental and Safety Management major take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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