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Are You Ready for the Jungletron?

Rendering of the PSU JungletronRendering of the back of the PSU JungletronPittsburg State University recently began construction on a new, state of the art, $1.7 million dollar video screen as the latest addition to Carnie Smith Stadium. The screen, dubbed "Jungletron," will be the biggest in MIAA D-II sports and the biggest in Kansas, coming in at approximately 40 feet by 70 feet in size.

The LED illuminated board was made possible by private donations, and is expected to be complete in time for the first home game on September 13th when PSU faces Missouri Southern. Besides sports, there are also a number of other plans in store for the board such as a tie in to the emergency notification system, student movie nights, and other opportunities that are currently being explored.

Construction on the Jungletron began in early August, and will run into the first part of September. The board is going up on the south end of the stadium, and will also feature a brand new sound system to augment the stadium further. Keep an eye below as we document the construction process and update with new videos as things progress.

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