Carnie Smith Stadium

Gorilla Game Day Policies

Pittsburg State University offers fans and visitors one of the best GameDay experiences in the nation. Gorilla GameDays offer something for everyone. Tremendous tailgating, live entertainment, family-friendly activities, delicious food and, of course, the best stadium and winningest NCAA Division II football program in the nation.

Whether you are a visitor or a member of Gorilla Nation, we trust you’ll enjoy your experience and leave with wonderful memories of your GameDay at Pittsburg State University.

For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please keep the following guidelines in mind when tailgating at Pittsburg State University football games. Please note, setups are subject to removal for violation of tailgating policies.

Amplified Music

Music should be confined to your tailgate area and speakers should be directed into your tailgate party. Live bands, PA systems and/or DJs are not allowed. Tailgaters are encouraged to contact Pittsburg State police at (620.235.4624) if music from another tailgate party becomes a nuisance.

This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerance levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.


Alcohol possession and consumption may take place in parking lots and designated tailgating areas. It may begin once parking lot gates open but must cease at kick-off. State law requires that all persons consuming alcohol be at least 21 years of age in possession of valid ID. Intoxication or other signs of alcohol or substance impairment that result in irresponsible behavior is not allowed. Alcohol is restricted to cereal malt beverages in 12 oz. cans. Bulk containers such as kegs are not allowed. Devices, such as beer bongs, intended to increase the rate of consumption are not allowed.

The policy is intended to protect the safety and enjoyment of fans. Pittsburg State expects fans and their guests to enjoy Gorilla GameDays in a safe and responsible manner.


Live musical bands and other live performances are not allowed in tailgating areas.

This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of fans. Musical tastes and tolerable volume levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.

Concealed Carry Firearms

Pittsburg State University complies with State of Kansas law and Kansas Board of Regents policy regarding concealed carry firearms. Full details available at

Drones and Remote-Controlled Aircraft

The use and/or operation of remote controlled equipment/cameras/toys/aircraft (including all drones and unmanned aircraft systems) is prohibited on university property on Gorilla GameDays.

The MIAA prohibits the use of drones and remote-controlled aircraft in order to help ensure the safety of fans, participants and officials. Pittsburg State University follows all FAA guidelines in regard to drones and remote-controlled aircraft.


Charcoal must be disposed of properly. Please do not place charcoal or other flammables in trash cans, recycling bins, under trees or leave it in the parking areas.

Even items that appear to be extinguished may remain flammable and cause fires.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are not allowed for use during tailgating activities.

Broken glass can be a safety hazard for tailgaters and for students during the week.

Political Activity

Political fundraising is prohibited.

The Kanas Board of Regents policies prohibit the use of state facilities or ground from being used for fund raising activities for any candidate, party committee or political committee. City of Pittsburg ordinance (Sec. 54-71) prohibits the distribution of hand bills .

Safety and Security

It is the responsibility of each tailgate party to secure tailgate items prior to entering the stadium. Tailgaters should lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles; extinguish all fires or flames; unplug electrical outlets; secure barbeque pits, chairs and ice chests; and store beverages in locked containers. Pittsburg State is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

More than 10,000 fans tailgate on the Pittsburg State campus on GameDays. Pittsburg State cannot ensure the security of each and every tailgate party on campus.


Solicitation of any kind, for commercial, non-profit, political, or other purposes, within Pittsburg State facilities or on Pittsburg State premises are prohibited unless specifically approved by Pittsburg State administration. The distribution of flyers or leaflets on parked vehicles is expressly prohibited.

This is also a matter of legal liability and institutional control. Pittsburg State does not allow the sale or distribution of goods and services on the Pittsburg State campus without proper credentials and insurance. In addition, City of Pittsburg ordinance (Sec. 54-71) prohibits the distribution of hand bills.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited within Pittsburg State University facilities or on Pittsburg State premises. This includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, hookah smoked products, pipes and oral tobacco.

The Tobacco-Free initiative was led by our students who overwhelmingly voted in its favor during a 2012 referendum. On January 1, 2015 Pittsburg State became Kansas’ first four-year Regents institution to become tobacco-free.

Tent Size

Pittsburg State discourages the use of tents larger than 10’ x 10’. Tents may not be staked into the ground. Parties wishing to reserve larger corporate tents should contact Pittsburg State’s Alumni and Constituent Relations at 620.235.4758. Tents spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tents must be of a size that can be moved quickly in the event of an emergency. Stakes can damage utilities beneath the Pittsburg State campus and be dangerous to tailgaters. Oversized tents can impede the tailgating enjoyment of other fans. Please be respectful of your fellow Gorilla GameDay tailgaters.

Tents in Parking Lots

Fans using a tent or canopy over the tailgate of a vehicle should restrict the size to no larger than 10’ x 10’ and may not take up space in other parking spaces or emergency travel lanes. Tents may not be used to save parking spaces. Tents must not block emergency travel lanes.

Vehicles must be able to access parking spots via emergency travel lanes. Also, for the safety of tailgaters, emergency travel lanes must remain clear for vehicles and pedestrians to pass. This is also important to allow for the passage of emergency vehicles.

Tents during games

Tents should be taken down before you enter the game.

Unexpected winds can cause tents to scatter when unattended, and tents are subject to theft when left alone.

Security Screening

Prior to entering Carnie Smith Stadium gates, all guests will be subject to security screening which could include pat downs and inspections of all bags and items entering the stadium. Any prohibited item must be returned to your vehicle. To ensure that you are in your seat in time to cheer our Gorillas onto the field, please allow an extra 30 minutes at the entrances.

Failure to Follow

It is within the sole discretion of Pittsburg State to determine the consequences imposed for violations of the Fan Code of Conduct, based on the interests of public safety, operational or staffing considerations and/or any other consideration.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

For safety and security, the following items are prohibited in Carnie Smith Stadium:

Firearms/weapons and fireworks as prohibited by state law and university policy

Bags larger than 18 ½” W x 10” D x 16” H


Sports balls

Coolers – any size, any type

Plastic, metal or glass cups, cans or containers

Thermos bottles or flasks

Outside Food (our concessions do offer gluten-free options)

Beer or Liquor

Video cameras or professional cameras/lenses

Cameras with detachable lenses

Flammable liquids

Noisemaker – air horns, klaxon, bells, whistles, etc.

Boom boxes

Portable heaters

Laser pointers of any type, poles or rods

Large strollers

Any other items deemed dangerous or unacceptable by security

Allowed Items

Fanny packs (unattached from your body)

Drawstring bag unattached from the body, no larger than 18 ½” W x 11” D x 6” H, with no outside pockets

One unopened plastic bottle of water per guest

Blankets (not in a carrier)

Banners and signs (no larger than 3’ x5’) are permitted as long as they do not interfere with other guests

If infant is with guest, small diaper bags with appropriate infant/child contents and supplies (e.g. breast pump)

Binoculars and case

Small still camera and case

Hand-held radios and TVs are permitted if they do not interfere with other guests – an ear piece must be used to listen

Small compact umbrella (rainy games only)

Seat cushion – lightweight foam with sealed plastic cover

7 a.m. – Parking Lot Gates Open

3 hours before kickoff – Gorilla Fest

2 hours before kickoff – Carnie Smith Stadium Ticket Office Opens

90 minutes before kickoff – Carnie Smith Stadium Gates Open

80 minutes before kickoff – Gorilla Walk Begins

60 minutes before kickoff – Gorilla Village Pep Rally